Mango Lychee Disposable 10 Pack by ORO Vape Bar

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Mango Lychee Disposable 10 Pack by ORO Vape Bar

Flavor description:

Perfectly ripened mangoes mixed with the incredibly sweet Lychee is bound to present your tongue with a new and incredible flavor. A gift to those with a sweet tooth, the unlikely combination of these two fruits makes for an exclusively remarkable experience. ORO presents consumers with an experience almost unheard of for e-liquid devices, prioritizing both flavor and quality. Mango Lychee promises to immerse your taste buds in a wave of candy-like nectar that will have you questioning why you’ve never picked this flavor up before. Averaging 300 hits with 5% nicotine, ORO’s e-liquid device is guaranteed to give your taste buds an incredible experience they will not forget anytime soon. A device whose quality and flavor is unequaled, ORO e-liquid soars leagues beyond all other competition.


Size: 1 ML (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30

Additional information

Weight 12 oz


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